Wwise Interactive Music Demo by Jacob Pernell

Hey team,

Reposting this excellent video tutorial that Jacob Pernell (the extremely talented composer behind the music of Failsafe) made for an interactive implementation of music for one of Failsafe's tracks. It's fascinating and sounds delicious.

This is a demo track I wrote for a game called Failsafe and interactive music implementation of the track using Wwise. Failsafe (failsafegame.com/) is a parkour exploration/adventure game currently in development by Game Over (gameover.la/). For this track, my intention was to have your 'flow' increase in game the more successful parkour moves you chained together. As you increase your flow, the music fades in more layers and switches to more intense parts of the track. This video walkthrough is a proof-of-concept of that system. (Disclaimer: this 'flow system' and music track are not necessarily representative of the final product that will end up in the released game!)

Shout-out to Jordan Chin (twitter.com/jordanchinmusic) for the incredible acoustic guitar playing, Michael Evans (twitter.com/Vgcellomusic) for the awesome solo cello performance, James C. Hoffman (twitter.com/JCHoffmanMusic) for some mixing tips, and a special thanks to Steve Green for some last minute Wwise consulting (twitter.com/ShriekStudios)!